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Where/ How do I pay fines or cash bonds?

Misdemeanor fines are to be paid at the courthouse Monday- Friday 8:30 to 4:30.

Felony fines can be paid at the Sheriff's Department at the lobby window.

Cash bonds, are still subject to 10% Arkansas bond fee that is non-refundable.

Cash bonds can also be paid at the Sheriff's Department at any time through dispatch.

All of these can be paid with CASH or MONEY ORDER ONLY.

How do I put money on an inmates account?

View our Detention Center page

Do you do fingerprints?

Yes, we do them free to the public for such things as concealed hand gun and job requirements.

Preferably, fingerprints are done on any days other than Monday or Thursday, due to the high traffic level of inmates being transported to/from the facility for court. If you need them and are unable to come another day, we will do them; however, it may be a little while longer on the wait.

How do I pick-up/drop off an inmates property?

Inmate's property/MONEY may be released ONLY under ALL of the following conditions:            

1. The inmate must have a "Property Release" request form, consenting to release their property to you. 2. You must have a valid photo identification.

2. Property must be picked up between 1PM to 4PM, on Friday through Sunday.


Medications, Bibles, Eyeglasses or Contacts  

Medications can only be dropped off Monday through Friday 8am-Noon.            

Medications can only be picked up Monday through Friday 8am-Noon AND must be picked up by the person prescribed the medication.        

How do I visit someone in jail?

View our Detention Center page


Crime Tip Hotline 870-239-6343 or Submit Via Email
Crime Tip Hotline 870-239-6343

Or Submit Via Email
Crime Tip Hotline

Submit Via Email